Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12


1628 - Charles Perrault
French author and member of the Académie française, originator and collector of the fairy tale genre.

American artist and author; winner of the 1932 Newbery Award for her novel Waterless Mountain.

1876 - Jack London
American author of adventure fiction, best known the the Alaskan God Rush novels The Call of the Wild and White Fang.

1948 - William Nicholson
British screenwriter and author of fiction and science fiction.

1949 - Haruki Murakami
Japanese writer of fiction and non-fiction, who has also done many translations of English works into Japanese.

 1952 - Walter Mosley
American writer of crime fiction, known for the Easy Rawlins series set in Los Angeles.

1969 - David Mitchell
English novelist, recently well known for his 2004 novel Cloud Atlas.

1960 - Neville Shute
1973 - Roy Franklin Nichols
1976 - Agatha Christie
2017 - William Peter Blatty

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