Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26


1880 - Guillame Apollinaire
French poet, playwright and novelist who coined the term Surrealism.

1901 - Eleanor Dark
Australian author whose best known work is The Timeless Land.

1903 - Caroline Pafford Miller
American author whose first novel, Lamb in His Bosom, won the 1934 Pulitzer Prize.

1904 - Christopher Isherwood
English-American novelist who was very involved with the Vedanta Society of Southern California.

1922 - Irving R. Levine
American journalist and longtime correspondent for NBC News. His three books on life in the Soviet Union each became bestsellers.

1952 - Will Shortz
American puzzle creator; since 1993, the crossword puzzle editor for the New York Times.

1957 - Nikky Finney
American poet; winner of the 2011 National Book Award for her collection Head Off & Split.

1963 - Stephen J. Dubner 
American journalist who co-wrote, with economist Steven Levitt, the book Freakonomics.

1945 - Franz Werfel
1974 - Charles Lindbergh
1977 - H.A. Rey
1989 - Irving Stone
1995 - John Brunner
2009 - Dominick Dunne

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