Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21


1886 - Ruth Manning-Sanders
British poet and author whose children's books collected and retold fairy tales from around the world.

1897 - Constance McLaughlin Green 
American historian; winner of the 1963 Pulitzer Prize for History for Washington, Village and Capitol 1800-1878.

1908 - M.M. Kaye
May Margaret (Mollie) Kaye was a British writer, best known for her 1978 novel The Far Pavillions.

1920 - Don E. Fehrenbacher
American historian; winner of the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for History for The Dred Scott Case.

1929 - X. J. Kennedy 
American poet and author of children's literature and writing guides. He added the "X" as a first initial to distinguish himself from Joseph P. Kennedy.

1937 - Robert Stone
American novelist who won the 1975 National Book Prize for Fiction for his book Dog Soldiers.

1940 - Ernest Thayer
1943 - Henrik Pontoppidan
2007 - Siobhan Dowd

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