Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15


1862 - Gerhardt Hauptmann
German dramatist and novelist, winner of the 1912 Nobel Prize in Literature "primarily in recognition of his fruitful, varied and outstanding production in the realm of dramatic art."

1887 - Marianne Moore
American Modernist poet whose 1951 Collected Poems won a National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

1890 - Richmal Crompton
English writer, most well known for her Just William series of humorous stories.

1897 - David McCord
American poet; known for his work for younger audiences.

1926 - Thomas Williams
American novelist, co-winner of the 1976 National Book Award for Fiction for The Hair of Harold Roux.

1930 - J.G. Ballard
English novelist, known for his works Crash and Empire of the Sun, both made into feature films.

1941 - Daniel Pinkwater
American children's and young adult author, whose books have a tendency towards the humorous and absurd.

1952 - Rick Atkinson
American author who has won prizes in both History and Journalism.

1916 - Henryk Sienkiewicz
1994 - Elizabeth George Speare
2013 - Barbara Park

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