Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2


1882 - James Joyce
Irish novelist and poet who perfected his stream of consciousness form in works like Ulysses.

1883 - Johnston McCulley
American author who created the character Zorro.

1886 - William Rose Benét
American poet, winner of the 1942 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his book The Dust Which is God.

1905 - Ayn Rand
Russian-American novelist and philosopher, founder of Objectivism.

1923 - James Dickey
American poet and novelist - 18th Poet Laureate of the US and author of the novel Deliverance, which was made into the 1972 film.

1931 - Judith Viorst
American author, most known for her children's books.

1940 - Thomas Disch
American science fiction author and poet.

1970 - Bertrand Russell
1987 - Alistair MacLean
2012 - Dorothy Gilman

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