Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16


1834 - Ernst Haeckl
German natural philosopher; promoter of Darwin's ideas in Germany.

1838 - Henry Adams
American historian whose posthumously published autobiography won the 1919 Pulitzer Prize.

1883 - Elizabeth Craig
Scottish journalist and cookbook author.

1886 - Van Wyck Brooks
American historian and biographer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History and the National Book Award for The Flowering of New England.

1904 - George F. Kennan
American diplomat and Cold War figure, Ambassador to the Soviet Union and author of seventeen books, including a Pulitzer and National Book Award winner.

1927 - David Bryon Davis
American historian and authority on slavery and abolition in the Western world.

1944 - Richard Ford
American author, winner of the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his book Independence Day.

1954 - Iain Banks
Scottish author of both fiction and science fiction.

1958 - Natalie Angier
American science journalist and non-fiction author.

1968 - Warren Ellis
English author of fiction and comic books.

1973 - Maureen Johnson
American author of young adult fiction.

1907 - Giosu√® Carducci
1992 - Angela Carter
2002 - Carol Fenner

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