Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 6


1862 - Albert J. Beveridge
American historian and U.S. Senator from Indiana; winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Biography for his four-volume The Life of John Marshall.

1895 - Caroline Gordon
American novelist and literary critic who was influenced by the Southern Agrarian movement.

1902 - Elizabeth Gray Vining
American professional librarian, tutor to the emperor of Japan and author of the 1943 Newbery Award winning Adam of the Road.

1914 - Thor Heyerdahl
Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer whose books chronicled his exploits.

1950 - David Brin
American scientist and science fiction author, many of whose novels are set in the Uplift Universe.

1955 - Ellen Kushner
American speculative fiction author, who started by writing Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books but branched out with her own novels.

1958 - Joseph Finder
American author of business thrillers, several of which have been made into movies.

1892 - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
1973 - Margaret Wilson
1979 - Elizabeth Bishop
2006 - Wilson Tucker
2010 - Rhys Isaac

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