Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22


1870 - Ivan Bunin
Russian writer, first from his country to win the Nobel Prize in
Literature, in 1933 "for his bold and ingenious revival of dramatic and scenic art."

1919 - Doris Lessing
British writer, winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature for being "that epicist of the female experience, who with scepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilisation to scrutiny."

1920 - Timothy Leary
American psychologist and writer known for his advocacy of the use of psychedelic drugs.

1935 - Ann Rule
American author of true crime non-fiction.

1946 - Deepak Chopra
Indian-born American physician and writer.

1948 - Debbie Macomber 
American author of romance novels, known for her many different series.

1883 - Thomas Mayne Reid
1988 - Cynthia Freeman
1995 - Kingsley Amis
1998 - Eric Ambler
2016 - Sheri S. Tepper

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