Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15


70 BC - Virgil
Roman poet of the Augustan period, most known for his epic The Aeneid.

1881 - P.G. Wodehouse
English humorist, best known for his Jeeves novels.

1916 - George Turner
Australian science fiction author, most well known for his later work.

1917 - Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
American historian and two-time Pulitzer winner, for History and Biography.

1920 - Mario Puzo
Italian American author known for his books about the Mafia, notably the Godfather series.

1923 - Italo Calvino
Italian journalist and author who wrote short stories and novels.

1926 - Ed McBain
The main pen name of Evan Hunter (who was born Salvatore Albert Lombino) and who was known for his best-selling crime fiction.

1949 - Laurie McBain
American author of historical romance novels. As far as I can tell, no relation to Evan Hunter.

1953 - Walter Jon Williams
American science fiction author, who has written in the Star Wars universe, as well as many of his own.

1958 - Stephen Clarke
British author whose novels tend to focus on ex-pat life in France.

1968 - Virginia Lee Burton

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