Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15


1856 - L. Frank Baum
C'mon, you know this one. Yep, Wizard of Oz guy.

1890 - Katherine Ann Porter
American writer known for her 1962 novel Ship of Fools and for her short stories.

1891 - Mikhail Bulgakov
Russian writer and playwright, known for his classic work The Master and Margarita.

1904 - Clifton Fadiman
American intellectual and author.

1911 - Max Frisch
Swiss novelist known for his ironic works.

1931 - Norma Fox Mazer
American author and teacher who won a Newbery Honor in 1998 for her book After the Rain.

1938 - Nancy Garden
American author of children's and YA fiction, best known for the lesbian novel Annie on My Mind.

1957 - Meg Gardiner
American crime writer known for her Evan Delaney and Jo Beckett series.

1962 - Julie Otsuka
Japanese-American author known for her historical fiction.

1967 - Laura Hillenbrand
American author, known for her non-fiction account of the career of the horse Seabiscuit.

1886 - Emily Dickinson
1954 - William March 
1976 - Samuel Eliot Morison
1986 - Theodore H. White
2012 - Carlos Fuentes
2012 - Jean Craighead George

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