Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23


1881 - Roger Martin du Gard
French author; winner of the 1937 Nobel Prize for Literature "for the artistic power and truth with which he has depicted human conflict as well as some fundamental aspects of contemporary life in his novel cycle Les Thibault."

1912 - Eleanor Cameron
American librarian and children's author.

1947 - Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
American science fiction author, Nebula Award winner and frequent collaborator with Anne McCaffrey.

1952 - Kim Stanley Robinson
American science fiction author best known for his Mars trilogy.

1968 - Mitch Cullin
American writer of Scotch-Irish and Cherokee descent.

1842 - Stendahl
1968 - Edwin O'Connor
1969 - Bernadotte Everly Schmitt
2001 - Robert Laxalt

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