Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20


1828 - Henrik Willem Ibsen 
Norwegian playwright and poet, considered the "Father of realism."

1904 - B.F. Skinner 
American psychologist and author, some of whose books were written for a popular audience.

1937 - Lois Lowry 
American children's author best known for her two Newbery Award winning books, Number the Stars and The Giver.

1954 - Louis Sachar 
American children's author whose Holes and Sideways Stories from Wayside School are his best known works.

1955 - Nina Kiriki Hoffman
American fantasy, scifi and horror author.

1959 - Mary Roach 
American author whose popular science books always have a whimsical edge.1

1968 - A.J. Jacobs 
American journalist and author who whites about his immersive life experiences.

1. Especially the footnotes.

1994 - Lewis Grizzard
2010 - Ai

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