Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9


1764 - Anne Radcliffe
English author and pioneer of the Gothic novel.

1775 - Matthew Lewis
English Gothic novelist whose most successful work was The Monk.

1887 - Samuel Eliot Morison
Retired Navy Rear Admiral and maritime historian who won two Pulitzer Prizes for biographies of Christopher Columbus and John Paul Jones.

1901 - Barbara Cartland
English romance author who held the Guinness Book records for most novels written in a year, and best-selling author of all time.

1903 - Arthur Walworth
American author whose biography of Woodrow Wilson won a Pulitzer Prize for Biography in 1959.

1911 - Mervyn Peake
English writer and illustrator, most well known for his Gormenghast series, a work of dark fantasy.

1933 - Oliver Sacks
British-American neurologist and writer whose books explore the science of the brain through case studies of some of his patients.

1945 - Dean R. Koontz
American author known for his genre-bending suspense fiction novels.

1979 - Cornelia Otis Skinner
2013- Barbara Robinson

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