Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28


1712 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
A philosopher, writer and composer from Geneva, known for many wide-ranging works. They include EmileConfessions, and On the Social Contract.

1867 - Luigi Pirandello
Italian writer who won the 1934 Nobel Prize in Literature for his "bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage."

1891 - Esther Forbes
An American author and children's writer. Her biography of Paul Revere won the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1943, but her best known work is the children's novel Johnny Tremain, set during the American Revolutionary War.

1909 - Eric Ambler
A British author of spy novels. Known for The Mask of Dimitrios (AKA A Coffin for Dimitrios), which was the basis for a few films including Topkapi and The Pink Panther.

1920 - A. E. Hotchner
American novelist and biographer, co-founder of Newman's Own foods with actor Paul Newman.

1934 - Bette Greene
American author of books for children and young adults, best known for her 1973 book Summer of My German Soldier.

1952 - Jean-Christophe Rufin
French physician and novelist; one of the founders of Doctors without Borders.

1970 - Tom Merritt
American podcaster and author of several science fiction titles.

1985 - Lynd Ward
2003 - Joan Lowery Nixon
2004 - Anthony Buckeridge

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